Mike Carter, developer of La Reserva, discovered Costa Rica back in the late 1970´s, about the time he started his own company, Mike Carter Construction Inc. in Bradenton, Florida.

Over the past 30 years, Mike has created a successful and unique construction firm that not only builds residential and commercial properties, but specializes in all aspects of development. Mike Carter Construction Inc. is a fully staffed construction management firm with its own architectural, planning and development divisions. Its Costa Rican branch, La Reserva de Manuel Antonio, includes all of this as well as on-site property management and concierge for the home owners. The company takes on projects from initial concept and sees them through from start-up to completion, working with local, regional and national clientele.

An avid sportsman and nature lover, Mike has been traveling through Costa Rica whenever his schedule has allowed. He has visited virtually all of the country, from coast to coast and into the mountains and rainforests of the interior regions. He takes great pride in learning about and participating in the country, its customs and interacting with its ever-friendly people. Mike believes in giving back to the community and contributing to improve the standard of living in the areas where he develops. This being the case, he created a fund for the Manuel Antonio/Quepos water line in 2007 to help support the great need for a larger and improved water system. He also supports and encourages education in funding local school children with scholarship money for their studies.
The community contributions and environmental awareness don’t stop here as La Reserva and Mike Carter want to continue to make a positive impact on the area that has most captured Mike’s attention. Every tree on La Reserva’s property is taken into consideration before building and many of the homes will have trees built into their design. In other cases, the designs will employ low impact structures so as to encourage harmony with the area’s natural surroundings. As home designs are planned specifically for the natural topography of the lot, optimum nature preservation is practiced during construction of every home. Homes will be constructed with many 100% recycled materials, such as composite slate roofing shingles. La Reserva is also equipped with its own bio-waste management plant to properly dispose of waste.

As a developer of upscale homes, condominiums and an award-winning luxury marina in Florida, www.rdmarina.com, Mike realized that Manuel Antonio was an excellent investment opportunity. It’s unparalleled Pacific coast, the area´s tranquil lifestyle, the up and coming 300 slip marina and the extraordinary beauty of the mountains inspired Mike to purchase land and to develop it for a family retreat destination.

Mike Carter has put all of his expertise and experience to work, creating this breathtaking private villa home development in one of the most beautiful locations in the world…

La Reserva de Manuel Antonio!

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