The FB Beach Fitness System is your solution to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle while here in Manuel Antonio. Our system incorporates both anaerobic and aerobic workouts using the elements of Mother Nature. The fitness training begins with a consultation in which you may discuss with the trainer your personal training goals. To warm-up, we will take a 20 minute trail hike through remote parts of the Manuel Antonio rain forest, where you can hear the birds, the rustling of the leaves and see the monkeys swinging in the trees. Our warm-up hike will end at one of Manuel Antonio’s beaches. There we will continue with weights and resistance training using anything the beach can offer - from rocks to fallen trees and sand. Imagine a gym, pool and trail running course all in one spot! Incorporated are power yoga techniques from yoga master Arlene Bjork. These techniques embody power, strength, grace, balance and flexibility. The FB Beach Fitness System is fun, challenging, enriching and rewarding. Your Body and mind will thank you. See you at the Beach!!)

Your Personal Trainer:
Lorraine V. Fletcher has over 25 years of experience in Fitness training. Memorable highlights of her career include winning Athlete of the Year at her High School and winning the title of Ontario Novice Bodybuilding Champion at the Provincial Level in Canada, after only one year of training. Lorraine graduated Physical Fitness Training at York University and began teaching her winning techniques, as well as conducting aerobics group training, in 1983. In 2007 Lorraine moved to Costa Rica where she met her mentor, Yoga Master Arlene Bjork. In 2009 Lorraine successfully completed her Yoga teacher training. The combination of her experience as bodybuilder, fitness instructor and yoga trainer has enabled Lorraine to create a diversified unique fitness system, incorporating power, strength, balance and flexibility, which is adaptable to any fitness level.

Session Times: Flexible - dependent upon the client but early morning is recommended.
What to take: Comfortable closed shoes, a bottle of water
Duration: 70 minutes
Price: Individual $65, couple $45 per person, groups of four or more $15 per person
Private group tours can be arranged through your Concierge.
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